Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Get It On!!!

Nick Cave's new side project (with current Bad Seeds members), Grinderman, is a testosterone-infused punk rock/blues mash-up extraordinaire. An early press release accurately described Grinderman as "fouled-mouthed, noisy, hairy, and damned-well old enough to know better." The band might also be described as Id Gone Wild. And, as Martha Stewart says, "that's a good thing."

Grinderman's self-titled debut album opens with two white-hot shots to the gut: "Get It On," and "No Pussy Blues." The former, which is linked below, is a raw, in-your-face exposition in rock and roll decadence, which, among other things, extols the virtues of "those who gave their lives so that we could Get It On." The latter, which is about exactly what you think it's about ("I petted her revolting little chihuahua and still she just didn't want to . . ."), and screams it from the rooftops in a hilarious, blue-balled celebration as straightforward and visceral as anything in blues or rock music.

Songs like "Depth Charge Ethel" and "Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars)" keep up the fat bass lines and dirty grind, but there are a few songs that vary the pace considerably, such as the Tom Waits-ish "Electric Alice," the artsy spoken-word "Go Tell The Women," and the title track, on which Nick channels Jim Morrison over a post-modern dirge. The record rounds out with the teeming menace of "When My Love Comes Down" and "Love Bomb," the latter of which sounds like what Talking Heads might have sounded like had they been leather-clad bikers instead geeky art school students. Grinderman is a real winner for that dirty rocker that's lurking deep down inside of you.

MP3: Grinderman - "Get It On" from Grinderman
MP3: Grinderman - "Love Bomb" from Grinderman

Also, check out the video for "No Pussy Blues" (parental discretion advised)

And as an added bonus, for a little historical perspective:

MP3: John Lee Hooker - "Grinder Man" from Everybody's Blues