Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red-Headed Woman

I'll admit it -- I have a problem. I'm a hopeless sucker for a beautiful woman with a great singing voice. And for some reason, if that woman also happens to be a redhead, well, then I'm really in trouble. Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, Allison Moorer -- I am putty in their hands. (Or I wish I was, anyway.) So you'll have to pardon me for being a little rattled since Monday night, when I went to see Neko and Rufus Wainwright at The Tabernacle. I figured I'd be safe and sound at least through the opening act, A Fine Frenzy, which I knew nothing about. But on the stroke of 8PM, the lights went down, and out strode one Alison Sudol. I'll let the photos above and at that link speak for themselves, except to say that, if anything, they don't even do her justice. And then -- accompanied by herself on piano, with a bass player and drummer -- she started to sing, with a stunning, ethereal voice. Within 30 seconds, I was done. Toast. History. This girl (she's 22) has got the goods. Her songs are strong, too -- melodic and pretty, but with a hypnotic quality that recalls early Radiohead and Sigur Ros. The debut record is called One Cell In the Sea. So I know at least one thing I'll be picking up at Criminal this weekend. And, like kryptonite to Superman, I guess there's another red-headed singer before whom I am powerless.

MP3: A Fine Frenzy - "Rangers" from One Cell In The Sea