Monday, January 08, 2007

Check . . . One, Two . . . Is This On?

Well, after 4 years of doing a year-end "favorite records" list for friends, clients and music biz contacts (first an e-mail, then an e-mail with cover artwork, then an e-mail with a link to a compilation CD, then a one-off blog that took way too long to pull together all at once), someone finally suggested that I just start a full-time blog and write about my favorite music as and when I hear it and am actively thinking about it. A fine idea, I thought, but not something I would want, or probably have the time, to undertake alone. Luckily, my buddy Rich has excellent taste, is passionate and thoughtful about music, is almost as much of a geek about it as I am, and was game to be my partner and give this is go. As time passes, we may invite other folks to contribute as well. Our plan is to post as often as we can, and in addition to reviewing new records and classic reissues as we hear them, also talk about live shows we've seen or hope to see, link to certain music news items of interest, and generally use this as an outlet for our respective obsessions.

So welcome, all, to That Truncheon Thing. If you're interested in music even a little bit, we hope you'll bookmark us, visit often, leave comments, alert us to things we may have missed and basically make us part of your regular music info routine. Let's get to it.