Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sky-Blue Sky

The spankin' new Wilco record will be released on May 15, and is entitled Sky-Blue Sky. How do I know this? Because Jeff Tweedy himself told me last night, that's how. (Okay, he told me and several hundred other people from the stage at a solo show in Nashville, but let's not quibble.) This is big, previously unreported news -- I might have had the first That Truncheon Thing scoop, but word travels awfully fast in the Wilco fan community, and I had to sleep a few hours and then drive back to Atlanta in order to write this post.

More on the Tweedy show in Nashville later. In fact, I see him again here on the 29th, and I may just wait and post about both shows together. When time permits tonight, I'll also throw up a live version of one of the songs that is expected to be on the new Wilco record, so check back here. Jeff and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche (who opened then sat in for the encore) performed the title song, "Sky-Blue Sky," last night, and it was really nice. I'm excited, can you tell?

UPDATE 1: Wilco - "Impossible Germany" (live on 7.16.06 at the Pines Theatre in Florence, MA)

UPDATE 2: We didn't scoop everyone with this news, but at least we scooped Pitchfork.