Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Odds and Sods

The New Yorker reviews Lucinda Williams' forthcoming record, West, and it's not pretty.

Congrats to the Aquarium Drunkard on his new domain and swanky new design. If you're not familiar with one of the best music bloggers in the business, go check out his rustic new look. You can grab a cool (and rare) Ryan Adams solo show from 1998 -- pre-Whiskeytown break-up -- for your trouble.

Slate's Explainer column, um, explains why Prince didn't get electrocuted while he played (slayed, killed, rocked the house, showed the kiddies how it's done, bizarrely covered the Foo Fighters, etc.) in that downpour at the Super Bowl last Sunday.

The podcast at Salon's Audiofile this week is a chat with Yoko Ono about her new record, Yes, I'm A Witch, which I'm considering checking out only because she duets with Cat Power on one track and, as my mom used to say, I'd listen to Cat Power sing the telephone book.

And finally, I can't believe I just provided a link for people to buy a record by Yoko Ono.