Saturday, June 30, 2007

Every Night My Dream's The Same

The great John Peel may not be around to preside any longer, but the BBC still hauls the best bands in the world into its Maida Vale studio to record sessions that put American radio to shame. Last Thursday, BBC Radio 2 broadcast the Arcade Fire's visit to Maida Vale, recorded before a small audience on June 19. The band -- which already has a reputation for knocking radio sessions clean out of the park -- turned in another spectacular performance, and since it's a recording most of our readers would never get to hear otherwise (do you Brits know how lucky you are?), I thought I'd toss it up for your weekend pleasure.

ARCADE FIRE - BBC Studios, Maida Vale, London - June 19, 2007

01 intro
02 Keep The Car Running
03 No Cars Go
04 Haiti
05 interview pt. 1
06 Black Mirror
07 Neon Bible
08 interview pt. 2
09 Intervention
10 Antichrist Television Blues
11 interview pt. 3
12 Neighborhood No. 3 (Power Out) > Rebellion (Lies)

BONUS: Video of the performance is here.