Thursday, March 15, 2007

We Have a Winner!

So, we held the drawing this morning at TTT world headquarters, high above Midtown Atlanta, and the winner of our inaugural Wrapped Up In Books contest is a gentleman called HAMMERtodd who lives in Lafayette, Indiana. His excellent entry was "The Book of Love" from 69 Love Songs Vol. 1 by The Magnetic Fields. But HAMMERtodd hasn't provided an e-mail address, so we currently don't know where to send the books. (The pic at left is his Blogger avatar -- I've posted it to grab his attention if/when he drops by again.) Yo, HAMMERtodd, congratulations, and drop me an e-mail (use the link at the top of the page) so I can ship your books to you! (We even arranged to get them signed by the authors at the event last night, so it's almost like you were there.)

UPDATE ON 3/16: We've found some leads and have some feelers out, but still no contact from HAMMERtodd. If he doesn't turn up by Monday morning, the 19th, we'll draw again for a new winner.

UPDATE ON 3/17: HAMMERtodd found!