Thursday, March 01, 2007

While You Were Sleeping, I Caught You Dreaming

Britta Phillips (formerly of Atlanta) is really hot. Dean Wareham (formerly of New Zealand) is really cool. Perfect. Both, incidentally, are former members of the great (New York-based) band Luna, which is the subject of the incredible documentary Tell Me Do You Miss Me. If you ever wanted to be in a rock band but gave up your dream to do something more practical, Tell Me Do You Miss Me will make you feel better about your decision.

Dean and Britta (now a married couple) chucked Luna to work on their own thing. Luna was a magnificent band, equal parts Television and Velvet Underground, with a specialty in intricate guitar interplay and understated rock. Dean and Britta are an icy evolution from Luna's sound. Harking to an early '70s vibe, Wareham is a laid back Lou Reed, while Phillips is a purring sex kitten that even Hef would be proud of.

Dean and Britta's new record, Back Numbers, represents a more fully realized version of their laconic, sleepy sound. The couple's first record, the atmospheric L'Aventurra, set the tone as a slowed-down, sexy, chill-out duet record. Back Numbers takes it a step further, replacing Luna's guitar interplay with a somewhat more modern, atmospheric keyboard-blurb texture. Back Numbers is a small hours masterpiece, perfect for that period of time after the party's over and everyone's gone. Beautiful stuff.

MP3: Dean and Britta - "You Turned My Head Around" from Back Numbers
MP3: Dean and Britta - "Words You Used To Say" from Back Numbers

Check out the Cheryl Ladd-like video for "Words You Used To Say":